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Turmeric the Super Hero!

Thanks to my sister-in-law I have today’s Gut Health Warrior Moment of Truth!

She asked me yesterday what my thoughts are on Turmeric and since I was traveling I was unable to respond to her. I figured if she has questions then there are others with questions as well in regards to the excellent benefits of turmeric!

Spring is here and we all want extra ENERGY to work outside, plant flowers and start a garden or do you want to lose weight for the summer which is right around the corner? Turmeric can be a part of your body overhaul and correcting inflammation that allows us not to feel well.

Turmeric is packed full of anti-inflammatory compounds; however, it’s actually the curcumin in the turmeric that is the real superhero! There are numerous evidence-based studies on the health benefits of turmeric and/or curcumin. Turmeric in its powder or root form only contains 3% by weight of the curcumin bioactive ingredient so if you are looking for a punch with your turmeric you may want to consider a curcumin extract.

Also, adding pepper to your turmeric will create a synergistic effect with your turmeric. Black pepper has been shown to dramatically increase the absorption and effects of turmeric because it contains piperine.

Do you have trouble with: • Achy Joints • Puffy Eyes • Bloating • Headaches • Overweight • Blood Sugar fluctuations

What are the benefits of turmeric? • Fighting inflammation • Use as an antioxidant • Various improvements that lower risk for heart disease • Helpful for arthritis • Brain boosting and helps with prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease • May be helpful for fighting diabetes and cancer • Great aid but not stand alone in weight loss • Prevents fat accumulation and hastens fat loss • It is thermogenic which means it helps promote metabolism by creating heat in the body which burns calories • Suppresses inflammation associated with obesity • Reduces depression • Help delay and fight age-related chronic diseases

There are different ways in which one can incorporate turmeric into their daily lives so that you too may experience the power of turmeric and/or curcumin. It can be a serious weapon in your arsenal to combating inflammation, lowering blood sugar, powering up your metabolism or helping you lose weight when added to a healthy eating lifestyle.

• Golden paste (Look online for numerous recipes) • Spice up your food • Use curcumin extract with a touch of dark chocolate for a spicy sweet treat • Ferment turmeric which will give it more powerful results in the body • Turmeric broth (Look online for numerous recipes) • Turmeric Pickle • Capsules with turmeric or fermented turmeric (Make it; it’s cheaper!) • Make your own capsules by purchasing organic powdered turmeric and vegetable caps (BEWARE! It’s messy!)

Use it daily for best results; however, start small because a little turmeric can go a long way! My suggestion is to start with ¼ tsp per day and work up to 1 tsp per day to really start feeling the energy increase and giving the body time to adapt to the powerful spice.

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