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Appointment Documents

Below you will find the documents that may be needed for your appointment:


All clients will need to fill out and submit Client Informed Consent and Client Information. Click on the link, fill out the form then simply submit.  Depending upon your appointment needs you may need to download, fill out, scan and email the Health Intake Form. 

Energy Medicine Client Forms

At Energetic Living, we believe it is your right to seek alternative health options.  We love our clients but understand we do not diagnose or treat an illness that is the job of your primary physician.  However, we love to assist in the healing intelligence of the body by integrating practices such as Digestive Health and removing Emotional Energies that no longer serve us or our ability to heal.

It is important that Energetic Living understands the circumstances of your health and how you got here during this life journey. We require some minimum knowledge of your medical and psychological background.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible with complete answers so that Energetic Living has a more complete picture of your goals, background and how we can completely help you initiate the healing intelligence of the body. 

Digestive Health and Weight Loss Client Forms

It is important prior to your appointment that I gather important information regarding your health.  Identifying nutritional challenges means delving into your lifestyle, health history and overall look on life.  When certain patterns present themselves it makes helping clients easier on their path to wellness.  


It is of UTMOST importance that you identify WHY you are coming to me.  I can help coordinate your wellness but unless you are willing to put the work in and facilitate the changes it will take there is only so much I can do as your practitioner.  Search your heart and make sure you are ready to work for your health which will ignite your energy and ignite your spirit.  


If you find yourself dealing with complicated health then understand in most cases you did not arrive at this point in your life overnight and finding the bodies ability to heal is not an overnight process either.  Like anything in life, we will have ups and downs as we facilitate the bodies own innate intelligence.  

Uncovering "your why" is an important part of the process.  You can not change for anyone but yourself.  Determining the following will encourage healing within your mental & physical body. 

  • Your Why

  • Your Goals

  • Your Commitment

  • Your "I Am Worth It" 

  • Your Energy & Spirit

Our beautiful body wall is our layers of protection we add to our bodies during times of struggle and stress.  However, the challenge of reducing our body wall can become overwhelming when we do not understand why our bodies will not release those extra pounds.  

Holding onto excess weight may be the body's way of protecting us.  We want to always blame our eating styles which do affect our weight but we can be our healthiest weight but not be emotionally stable to remain at that weight.  What triggers were present when you started to gain those precious pounds of protection?  Let's dive in together to uncover those emotional stress factors so your body wall may be reduced. 

Thank you for working with Energetic Living!

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