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Transforming & Balancing Energy

Balancing the Mind, Body & Spirit is a delicate dance.  A new dance requires us to learn the steps one at a time then combine those steps for the final maserpiece.  When we are transforming our energy we must understand we did not get to this point in our lives overnight and we will not transform overnight.  Just like learning to dance requires patience we must be patient with our own transformation and the process.  Building upon each step we learn, in the end, that all of our hard work will result in the final transformation. 

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Custom Flower Essence

Flower Essences are little magical emotional support drops that provide a wonderful gentle vibration that soothes and harmonizes the body.

Emotional Support in a Bottle! 

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Frequency & Vibrational  Services

Einstein said that the future of medicine is frequency. Come experience frequency medicine and how it can impact your life and help you adjust your lifestyle to improve your overall health. 

We offer different types of frequency services that balance the mind, body, and spirit in a safe environment.

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Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Healing

Balancing our emotional health, beliefs, and spiritual patterns can improve our physical health and allow our body to naturally heal itself. Imbalances in any aspect of our lives can negatively impact our overall well-being.

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Muscle Response Testing and Root Cause

Muscle Response Testing is a scientific way to identify electrical charges that are not firing in the body. With this proven method we can detect the exact location of physical, emotional & spiritual imbalance. Combining it with the Body Balance Healing System we can successfully guide the body back to homeostasis. 

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