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Evelyn Mighty

Weight Lifted

After only working with Rene Deal for 3 sessions I have felt a HUGE weight lifted from me (I actually do feel lighter), I am more light hearted, I am happier, and I feel more like my real self than I have in 5 if not 10 years. This work is seriously in a zone of genius for her. She is skilled, talented, and a joy to talk to. Rene has helped me shift in dramatic ways which I haven't been able to achieve for the last 2 years with other coaches and programs. I would recommend her to anyone trying to make a shift with their health and/or their emotional state. She is amazing.

Nicki Hoffman Pic - Testimonial_edited.j

Nikki Hoffman


I came to Rene feeling overwhelmed and after just one session with her, I was left with an overwhelming sense of peace. Rene's ability to identify what you're struggling with is incredible. She not only identifies the issue, but she also clears and reinforces positivity in its place!

Bonita Surges pic - testimonial.jpg

Bonita Surges

Emotional Freedom

Rene is able to facilitate your journey to the root cause of your issue. Whether one session or more, there is benefit in time with Rene.

Marlene Stork Pic - Testimonial_edited.j

Marlene Stork

Emotional Trauma

In just a few sessions, Rene Deal from Energetic Living has exponentially catapulted me forward in identifying, processing and resolving underlying life long emotional traumas I have been working on for years.
She has truly found her niche... Looking forward to continuing my journey with her!!!

Cyndi Way.jpg

Cyndi Way

Mud Packing - Soft Tissue Trauma

Ive been quite fascinated and impressed with Rene's knowledge and understanding of the Body and Emotion Codes so when she approached me about mud packing I was game to try. I'd been dealing with a deep soft tissue sprain in my foot for several weeks and was using an Aircast to get around. The process of applying the mud and feeling it move energy through my hands and feet was a unique and somewhat calming experience. Within two days, I could bear weight on my foot and it continued to improve. The human body with all its energy is so fascinating and I'm confident in turning to Rene when mine needs assistance.

Susan Tessman.jpg

Susan Tessman

COVID19 Anxiety

I am a “highly sensitive person” so am easily stressed and overwhelmed, which often expresses in physical symptoms. I approached Renee because I was experiencing very elevated levels of anxiety in the first few weeks after the corona virus became widely known, and was having trouble shifting out of a fear driven state. We had a session, and after those emotions were processed over a few days, my anxiety decreased significantly. Renee is very intuitive, and respectful of your comfort level with the work being done.

L. Durbroca_edited_edited.jpg

Business Success

Laura Dubroca

I came to Rene because I had some blocks around success and getting my business off the ground. After only a few sessions with her, I could feel that something had shifted. I had many new opportunities coming to me, I felt more motivated to take action. The work with Rene was nothing like I had experienced before. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to uncover mysterious roadblock!



Cindy Aquirre

I refer my clients to Rene for in-depth transformational nutrition and health coaching. Rene has done the work and research to coach her clients on their path to wellness. She is passionate and caring.

Hollie Schipper Pic - Testimonial.jpg


Hollie Schipper

I was struggling with my motivation. For some reason I couldn’t put my finger on my mo-JO was just gone! I couldn’t seem to get back on track. After one session with Rene Deal using Emotion snd Body Code, I was back! The next day I felt an amazing lightness and my good habits just seemed to get back on track and I was getting things done. Thank you, Rene. You have a gift.

Marissa Hughes Pic - Testimonial_edited.

Emotional Freedom

Marissa Hughes

I have only had one session with Rene so far, but it was so incredible that I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family! She got to the core of emotions I was unknowingly holding on to, and released them. I felt lighter for the rest of the day, and continue to carry a feeling of peace with me ever since. It is quite a gift that she has, and it's so wonderful that she uses it to help others!


Root Cause of Sickness

Brandy Nicole

Working with Rene was an absolute gift! She is highly skilled in helping one feel comfortable and supported while going deep to uncover root causes of feeling sick, stuck, or overwhelmed. Her insight and the clarity I got from working with her are astounding! She helped me gain a perspective that was completely new to me, and I am absolutely grateful for her work.

Izabela Sarnicka.jpg


Izabela Sarnicka

"The session with Rene was not something I expected, it was much better. I was impressed how quickly she could tell what's holding me back. She is definitely an expert in her field".

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