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Rene Deal 


Advanced Digestive Health Specialist

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Transformational Nutritional Coach

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-Rene Deal


My passion for working with people had not always been at the forefront of my mind. However, after years of working on my daughter's behalf in the medical establishment to fight her constant pain, I soon found a new career path.  She suffered from severe stomach pain and would be curled up in the fetal position in bed for hours on end. We tried every solution we could think of. 

The medical doctors tried "every" medicine to cover up the pain and not find the root cause.  Never once did any of the doctors we appointed advise us to look at the food she had been consuming. I was clueless about gluten. It wasn't even a blink on the radar for I had never heard of it.


She went through 7 years of horrific pain; imagine having stomach pain for so many years.  It happened so frequently that she missed days of school and it progressed to the point she missed around 2 months of school altogether in her senior year.  She would get nauseous, have pain, and would rotate between diarrhea and constipated after eating. At that point, we had the "diagnosis" of Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS].  We were not tracking her food because no one had instructed us to do so.  It was a very frustrating experience for us to work within the medical community and receive no answers nor get any results.  

The Journey

During our difficult journey with western medicine, we often found ourselves frustrated by the incompetence of doctors and their solution of one pill after pill for our daughter – none of which worked. Our daughter was getting sicker and sicker.  We were asked by a friend if we would have an open mind for a better solution for our daughter. After meeting with a kinesiologist for an hour, we felt deep down he had given us an answer we had been searching for seven years.  Her colon was so inflammed she was almost to the point of bleeding out. 


Ultimately, we found out she could not digest carbohydrates or protein, and thus began our journey with facilitating her healing with the use of enzymes and supporting nutrition.  How can the inability to digest carbohydrates or protein lead to such unbearable sickness? 


During this same visit, we also came to find out that she was close to bleeding out in her colon, hence the reason she was so sick.  This alternative doctor saved my daughter's life and I now study under the same enzyme therapy that he used to facilitate her healing.  Her healing took well over a year but we were finally on a path to wellness for her. 


In the following years, weight, digestive and emotional issues would also lead me down a road to self-discovery and to a place of knowledge that would ultimately challenge me. Since following this path I have become disenfranchised with western medicine and now have a holistic understanding of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  I completely understand that western medicine has its place and would definitely want their expertise in an emergency but their insidious use of pharmaceuticals was not the answer we were searching for.


At Energetic Living, it is our mission to provide long-term natural solutions to your challenges.  These challenges such as emotional trauma, on-going physical stress, energy deficiency, and mechanical imbalance are just a few examples of stresses that lead to digestive upheaval.  We empower you to discover where your challenge is, explore it, release it and move beyond sickness into wellness.


Now, a little bit about Rene Deal, I am a mother of three young adults and grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren. . I have been with my husband for 36 years, happily married for 32 of those years. I am down-to-earth, compassionate and fun-loving.  I like to have a meeting with my clients just to talk and get to know each other with a cup of tea. I like to provide a homey feel.  So, come on over or let's talk online!

The Years To Come

Meet Rene

Academic Achievements

Advanced Digestive

Health Practitioner

Food Enzyme Institute 

(Formerly known as The Loomis Institute)


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Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Institute of Transformational Nutrition

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