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Energy Healing of Mind, Body & Spirit: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Name

Healing Mind, Body & Spirit from trauma
The Power of your Name

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel disconnected from our true selves. One of the most significant reasons for this disconnect is that we often forget the true power and meaning behind our names.

In working with clients we have found working on your name, specifically, the last name releases emotional strongholds that have become entangled with the unique vibration and power of your name.

Our names can become encapsulated or held captive in the negative energy field of trauma that happens during childhood and adulthood. We have a tendency to show these energies to the world vs our true selves. A name can become cluttered in chaos with negative energies due to childhood trauma, abuse, parental & spousal narcissism, or divorce. Freeing those resonating energies from all our "given" and "adopted" names in our lifetime can create an opportunity for exponential growth.

Healing and clearing the energy of your name is a highly effective technique for resolving

emotional and energetic conflicts within ourselves that impact our daily lives. By aligning with

the power and essence of our true names, we can transform these inner conflicts into harmony and balance. This process helps us release negative patterns and beliefs, allowing us to gain clarity and create more fulfilling lives.

Your name carries a unique vibration that influences your thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, your reality. By understanding the essence of your name, you can rediscover a sense of identity and purpose that enables us to thrive. Energy healing of the Mind, Body & Spirit helps to unravel a sense of purpose, passion & an inner knowing of our spiritual being.

Through various healing modalities, such as Robin Perry Braun's "Integrative Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy (formerly Integrated Life Process Practitioner)", Sandi Radomskis' "Ask & Receive Therapy" and Dr. Bradley Nelsons' "Emotion Code & Body Code" modality, we can rediscover our connection, positive vibration to our unique names and unlock the results we crave in life.

Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Emotional Healing
Emotion Code

The Light Alignment Healing Method and the teachings within "The Sacred Power of Your Name" emphasize the importance of reconnecting with our names as a source of healing and

empowerment. The Emotion and Body Code, Integrated Bioenergetic Restorative Therapy complement these insights by focusing on clearing negative or non-beneficial energies associated with our names.

Healing of Energy, Clearing Negative Energy
Body Code

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Emotion Code is a straightforward method for discovering trapped emotions that carry a unique frequency within your body that contributes to physical pain or emotional distress. The practitioner uses muscle testing techniques to identify these trapped emotions, then releases them using magnets along energy meridians connected to your organs or glands. In doing so, this therapy can help harmonize the energy of your name and bring you into alignment with your true potential.

Similarly, Body Code Therapy is another powerful method for addressing imbalances within our energy field. This healing technique focuses on six significant areas of life, including energies, circuits & systems, toxins, pathogens, misalignments, and nutrition & lifestyle. By identifying and rectifying these issues through muscle testing and intuitive guidance, a Body Code practitioner can help you release emotional baggage and frequency imbalances tied to your name.

Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, Mind, Body & Spirit
Integrative Bioenergetic Restorative Therapy

Emotion & Body Code are highly "recognized" in the energy medicine field due to a good process and great marketing. However, Integrative Bioenergetic Restorative Therapy is a very powerful methodology that encompasses deep spiritual attachments and addresses energetic imbalances within our energy field and body systems. This healing entirely allows the body to process those deep emotional and traumatic scars that happen to arise in our life.

Another favorite healing technique is Ask & Receive Therapy which speaks right into our "being" as a spiritual light being. Along with the above techniques, this therapy offers a soothing, rhythmic, and beneficial change in your spirit.

In conclusion, understanding the power behind your name and implementing healing modalities such as Integrated Bioenergetic Restorative Therapy, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Ask & Receive can provide a deeper connection to ourselves and our world. By embracing these practices and unlocking the sacred power within your name, you open the door to creating more fulfilling lives filled with joy, purpose, and success. So remember your name's power because it might hold the key to unlocking your unlimited potential.


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