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Therapeutic Mud-Packing

How does it work?
A practitioner will apply specially formulated mud and serum that will synergistically work together to heal and open energetic pathways; in doing so we are able to shift and relieve negative energy that is blocking these pathways. This can be a new or old negative energy that has accumulated during our lifetime. Injuries to our body affect not only the physical body but the auric biofield of the body [defined below] which infiltrates our bioenergetic pathways.

It is a powerful external alternative therapy that targets trauma and its associated sites; known as Interference Fields [IF's]. This trauma negatively affects the flow of energy; also known as chi and how that energy communicates to organs, hormone systems, nervous systems, and the energy centers of the body.


It can stagnate healing, interfere with nerve communication, congest the lymphatic system and prevent the full function of an organ or system. The IF's can often cause pain, inflammation and illness symptoms within our body's energy.

Benefits of Mud-Packing as an alternative health option:

  • Helping restore coherence throughout the body

  • Works to thoroughly eliminate chronic pain

  • Gently guide the body to balance organs, glands, and hormonal systems

  • Aligns energetic pathways between systems and auric biofield energy

  • Assist in the balance of reproductive issues

  • Fertility, pain, and menstrual cycle balance

  • Assist in the balance of the digestive, bowel and gut challenges

  • Help to restore soft tissue injuries

  • Recover dental issues


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Bath Salts

Mud-Packing Packages

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know exactly how many interference fields we will need to pack to resolve challenging issues.  Therefore, I offer three packages in order to help clients accomplish their ultimate health. 

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Package 1 - Mud Pack with 2 Interference Fields             

(Includes (1) download to open bioenergetic pathways)                                                 

Package 1A - MudPack on the Go                                    

(Includes (2) downloads to open bioenergetic pathways, (1) Interference Field,

Priority sequence areas,  Training & Products for home application.)

Package 2 - Mud Pack with 4 Interference Fields                        
(Includes (1) download to open bioenergetic pathways)

Package 3 - Mud Pack with 8 Interference Fields         
(Includes (2) download to open bioenergetic pathways)

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