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Let's Talk Water

Did you know?

- 5% drop in body fluid level leads to 25% energy drop - - - Dehydration damages DNA - 37% of Americans, thirst is mistaken for hunger they are confused because the signal has been weakened. - Digestion uses water which will make us more dehydrated. - Mild dehydration will slow down metabolism by 3% - #1 reasons for daytime fatigue - Dehydration. - (1) glass of water shuts down almost 100% of hunger relief. - Most industrial countries have banned flouride but not the USA! - 1 million Americans are consuming water with pharmaceuticals with 56 different types of pharma!

What roles does water play in the body? - Important for maintenance of DNA - Facilitates reactions in mitochondria - Blood is 90% water - transmission - Lymphatic system runs due to water! - Water is needed for digestion! High quality water is needed. - Responsible for regulating body temperature - Cerebral Spinal fluid (brain, spinal cord, brain stem) - Joint hydration - give body the raw materials it needs to do the jobs. - Pathway for neurotransmitters & hormones throughout the whole body.

How is water treated?

- Chlorine (bleach) for pathogens (kills everything - destroys gut microbiome, serotonin production) - Flouride - significantly damages the brain, thyroid, bones (Harvard Scientists have linked water to bone cancer) but supposedly was put into water to help our bone health!

So.......what are your water options?

- Bottle water - by requirement the bottle water must be better than tap water - NO REGULATION!! EWG found 38 contaminants in 10 water companies. Xenoestrogens - estrogen water. - Municipal Water (Tap) if you don't have a filter then YOU become the filter. - Brita doesn't remove Chlorine. Clorox makes Brita filters! - Distilled Water - distillation process creates water that is H2O (blank water) no minerals - it is not structured. It will bind to things in your body. Blank slate! - Purified Water - has been run through a filter of some sort. Best filter is solid carbon filter but granulated will work but allows room for incomplete filtering. - Alkaline Water - ionizing water is intended to give water alkaline pH. pH is altered by man and changed by electricity. Splitting ionic compounds of the water. Exposing water to electricity.

Two different channels of water; this doesn't happen in nature. There is clinical damage to cardiac tissue with long term drinking of alkaline water. Drugs are alkalized so with alkalinized water you are creating a drug or a supplement (this can be helpful in short term instances only).

Is this natural? Is this what nature would do with water or how God intended water to be?? - Reverse Osmosis Water - not friendly with your aquaporins because it changes molecular shape but making it structured water would be more beneficial by adding minerals like himalayan salt, minerals, etc. - Well Water - getting water from the source. Underground lakes. Higher mineral content because they are not mature water due to filtration through the earth. Artesian water is well water. - Spring Water - Best Choice - gone through nature's cycle - cleanest/purest water. Go harvest your own water at Springs.

How much water should I be drinking?

Take your body weight and divide by 2 and that is the number of ounces daily you should be consuming. For example: if you are 200 lbs divide by 2 = 100oz of water daily.

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