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Time to get Grounded

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Spring! I am a Barefoot Goddess all year long with the exception of winter. I truly love to walk in the grass and feel the earth below my feet. There is good reason for this – I am creating “good” free radicals. These free radicals have the ability to attack and destroy undesirable inhabitants within the body such as bacteria & viruses!

The science on grounding is becoming clearer but still has people guessing if this is in fact a “true” science. However, if you take the time to Google “Earthing” and discover the healing images of earthing/grounding you too will be compelled to pull off those shoes and get “down to Earth”. We all love to go barefoot on the beach – correct! What is it that we are most attracted to – it is the free electrons that invade our body? We are all beings of energy including mother earth. When we take the time to connect to her we are also connecting to our higher power and for me that is God; our Holy Father. When God created us he didn’t create us with shoes; actually quite the opposite as we were completely naked from top to bottom. All things created in HIS universe were created for our well-being and that includes walking this earth barefooted to have that energy penetrate our bodies.

According to Joseph Mercola, MD and James Oschman, MD there are quite a few advantages to earthing and allowing our bodies this time to regenerate. Some of these benefits include but not limited to:

 Reducing Inflammation  Reducing Chronic Pain  Improving Sleep  Increasing Energy  Lowering Stress  Normalizing Blood Pressure and Blood Flow  Speeds Healing  Improves Female Hormone Symptoms

Grounding can also be picked up by Thermographers. Thermography shows the heat map of the body and heat patterns can signal inflammation. When Thermographers participated in a study regarding grounding they discovered that heat signatures would often disappear or greatly reduce once the person was given the opportunity to be grounded and let those electrons work to reduce their inflammation. When images were retaken the “red” heat of inflammation had turned “blue” showing a reduction in heat signature.

In closing, take some time to have some direct skin contact to the surface of Mother Earth and let the healing begin. It will bring you out of your winter slumber and fill you with an energy that is abounding. Research grounding and the availability of aids that can be used with bed sheets, wrist bands, mats or adhesive patches for sitting at computer and footwear for walking outdoors that will provide this force of healing electrons. Myself, I choose to be a Barefoot Goddess and recharge my energy from the winter blues and slumber.

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