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The Price of the Heart

What price is your heart paying by not allowing it the emotional freedom it craves? If there were emotions within your heart that were blocking you from experiencing life, wouldn’t you want them removed?


Ancient people understood the heart to be the “seat of the soul,'' our very core, our source of love and creativity. The energy field of the heart expands approximately 12 feet in diameter beyond our physical body and that has been measured by a magnetocardiogram.

The heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain. It is the most powerful organ in the body that has had measurable positive effects in the blood when we experience love, compassion, and appreciation for another person.

It is the secondary communication of the body that is constantly transferring messages between people and their electromagnetic energy. This communication is what you feel when you walk into a room of people and can feel the “energy” of the room or what you feel when the love of your life is in a room with you. When this energy is transferred back and forth it shows up in the brain waves, especially of our loved ones.


According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, “the heart is fragile and needs protection in tough times because it is vulnerable to being broken”. As our heart and body respond to fight, flight or fright stress that is caused by emotional trauma our subconscious goes to work. If the emotional stress is triggered by event(s) that are too much for the heart-brain to take it will develop and build a wall around the heart in order to protect itself.

Through muscle response testing this “heart-wall” can be measured for thickness, symbolic mate

rial and the number of layers; even long-distance. The heart-wall is a wall of trapped emotions that can use any symbolic substance to protect itself. It will often use a material that we can resonate with in order to protect itself. For instance, an abused individual may build a wall of steel (the heart of steel) where an abused child may use the material of their favorite blanket. Both are serving the same purpose but are two totally different material symbols of their journey of protection.

Have you heard the expression that "you have to peel back the layers"? This is often the circumstance in those individuals that are hard to "get to know".

In essence, this is quite a true statement especially if you look at an onion cut in half. In the middle of the onion, you will find a heart but in order to see it or touch it, you must peel back the layers. In the same respect, when a heart-wall is found we have to peel back the energy layers in order to find and free the fragile organ that has done a wonderful job of protecting us.


If the heart-brain is protecting us why is it necessary to peel those layers back to reveal the fragility of the heart?

When we build our walls of protection the subconscious mind will engage in the role of master protector and will act on our behalf when vulnerable emotions like love, compassion, and acceptance are presented to us. The subconscious will understand the risk of opening the heart and will block these emotions from entering or radiating out of our hearts.

The emotions that make up the heart-wall can come from any event at any time; they are not always connected to heartbreak or heartache. The heart-wall can create a variety of symptoms within the physiological body. These can range from depression and anxiety to heart disease and immunological challenges.

They can often be the cause of physical pain and will often be the reason that we visit our friendly neighborhood chiropractor or medical doctor. The generation of energy from the heart-wall challenges our well-being.

The communication of the heart is unable to function at full capacity due to the energetic interference of the emotions within the heart-wall; therefore, the communication to the tissues, muscles, and organs that are affecting the adjustment are not being received.


Heart-walls will often affect the regulation of T3 and T4 for the thyroid. In turn, this deregulation can also affect adrenals, thymus and heart rate variables. The thymus sits directly on top of the heart thus making it energetically close to the heart producing the heart rate variables that need to be in control.

Heart-walls can impact our health and wellness by presenting certain blockages in your path:

  • Blocked from the true whole body wellness. The health of our physical body can suffer from diseases like heart disease, autoimmune, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

  • Blocked from seeking, finding and following our true purpose.

  • Blocked from finding and maintaining financial abundance.

  • Blocked beliefs that do not allow us to move forward in life or hold us back.

  • Blocked from finding and maintaining loving, meaningful relationships.

  • Blocked from connecting with our loved ones, God and even ourselves.

  • Blocked from experiencing a life full of vitality, love and joy.

Here is a testimonial of a lady who experienced love after a practitioner removed her heart-wall: “......she asked if I had a heart-wall. Of course I did. And we cleared emotions like anger, betrayal, shock and several others. It was really liberating. The triumph in this story is what it has done for my sex life with my husband, so loving, so fulfilling, as we exchange the love that has always been there, but not able to get through the “Walls”. I’m so grateful for this energy technology and the love Dr. Brad has for people in sharing with us.” - Katherine Conrad

In fact, who would not want a better life that is filled with vitality, love, joy, happiness and of course sexual intimacy? All of this can be yours if you are open to removing your heart-wall that is blocking you from the experiences of life.


What actions do you need to take to remove your heart-wall?

  • Have a willing heart to ask yourself some introspective questions.

  • What experiences in life are you not enjoying?

  • How could your life look differently?

  • When will you be open to receiving love and healing that goes beyond the physical energy of the body?

  • Where do you see yourself when you are emotionally healed from the trauma of the past?

  • Whose life will you change when you accept healing for yourself?

  • Take accountability and be present for the journey into the past to move into the future.

  • Be ready to be fully present and opened for a beautiful journey.

When YOU are emotionally free from the bonds that hold YOU back, what type of life could YOU be experiencing? Are you ready to experience emotional freedom?

Now, book a session with Energetic Living to free your heart-wall and all that is holds so you to may feel the vibrancy and vitality that comes from your heart.

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