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The Intern Experience

By Devan Sticka, Published June 8, 2018, 4:55 p.m.

Hello. First, I want to introduce myself. I am the summer 2018 intern for Rene Deal, Energetic Living owner and wellness coordinator. I have helped in the whole rebranding project from creating pages on the website to making blog posts. This whole experience has been great for learning new material and working with Rene has been just as great.

I am a senior at Ball State University pursuing a degree in journalism with a concentration in news, but I am equipped with the skills of writing articles for a newspaper, reading off news for a radio station, writing for a television station, working on social media, and creating a website for a company.

During the second week of my internship, I went through the experience of finding out if I do not digest any foods properly.

I filled out the survey, just like a client would. Then from there, I met up with Rene at her home on a Thursday afternoon, right after work. I work at Noah’s Ark Daycare in Greenfield, Indiana. I had not eaten in over three hours and definitely had no food left in my system.

When I arrived, Rene had put me through the physical exam where she pushed down on many palpatory points including: several spots around the stomach, some spots around my jawline, pressure points around my collar bone, and many more, making a total of 12.

When the exam was over, we discovered that I do not properly digest all the carbs I take in. I need to take in less carbs. In the exam, I also learned a fun fact about myself that my left arm is longer than my right arm.

After the physical exam, I munched on some turkey, a cheese stick and some applesauce. I got in carbs, dairy, protein, and some vitamins. I waited 45 minutes, and once that time was up, I did the physical exam again.

Once it was all complete, I learned many things about myself. I learned I need more greens and vegetables versus foods loaded with carbs.

Making this change will be a challenge, but I know I can do it. I love my carbs, but for better health, I’m willing to give up half, or possibly more down the line, of what I take in already.

The whole process was very interesting to fore see and I feel that if anyone is having issues with their dietary routine, they should go see Deal.

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