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Healing of Green

Green is good and we always look forward to “GREEN” this time of year. Green signifies many things not only in nature but in us as well!

Green means Growth & Hope Green stands for harmony, freshness & fertility. Green creates great healing power. Green is the most “restful” color for the eyes. Green means stability and endurance. I for one want to be in the game of endurance in this thing we call life! Green is good! After a long winter and many suffering from the blues a few doses of green can be balancing and beneficial to heart, mind & soul.

Green foods are great for the heart! They provide the following: • Vitamin K for blood clotting and can inhibit hardening of the articles that lead to cardiovascular disease. • Folate protects the heart and lowers levels of homocysteine which if not controlled can lead to a risk of cardiovascular disease. • Antioxidant nutrients that help battle oxidative stress. • Dietary Fiber that helps to lower total and LDL cholesterol. • They contain phenolic compounds and flavonoid antioxidants.

There are a diverse amount of greens that you can enjoy and improve your health! What are they? • Kale • Spinach • Chard • Romaine • Avocado • Green Beans • Split Peas • Broccoli • Peppers • Green Apples

Now, go outside and commune with nature - be a Barefoot Goddess in the green grass, enjoy the green blooming trees, eat your greens and wear your green! Let the freshness and harmony of Spring settle on your soul. Be one with God and Nature. Allow the great healing of green to pour into your life and blow away those winter blues! Enjoy Green and Prosper in Health!

Book an appointment with me today to change your health & life! Let me help you out of the winter blues into the green of Spring and rediscover the health you have been missing!

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