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Healing Benefits of Mud-Packing

What is mud-packing?

Therapeutic mud and clay have been used since ancient times dating back to the times when Jesus walked the earth. In the Gospel of John 9, Jesus uses mud and spit to heal the blind man. Ancient civilians used mud baths and thermal treatments to heal skin diseases, relieve muscular discomfort and joint pain.

As the centuries passed mud treatments became more targeted and specific for a host of medical conditions. However, for a time the therapeutic benefits of mud were nearly forgotten but in recent years it has become widely studied and supported.

How does it work?

A practitioner will apply specially formulated mud and serum that will synergistically work together to heal and open energetic pathways; in doing so we are able to shift and relieve negative energy that is blocking these pathways. This can be a new or old negative energy that has accumulated during our lifetime. Injuries to our body affect not only the physical body but the auric biofield of the body [defined below] which infiltrates our bioenergetic pathways.

It is a powerful external alternative therapy that targets trauma and its associated sites; known as Interference Fields [IF's]. This trauma negatively affects the flow of energy; also known as chi and how that energy communicates to organs, hormone systems, nervous systems, and the energy centers of the body.

It can stagnate healing, interfere with nerve communication, congest the lymphatic system and prevent the full function of an organ or system. The IF's can often cause pain, inflammation and illness symptoms within our body's energy.

“Scientists have proven that there is a measurable voltage build-up against a scar, with the scar in effect acting like an electrical “short” in the body’s bio-energy field. Through biopsies, they found that the immediate area adjacent to a scar had often become highly toxic – with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins (but unseen to the human eye).” Premier Research Laboratories

How do pathways get blocked?

  • Insufficient quality and quantity of nutrients at the time of trauma; when a body becomes deficient in nutrients it does not have the availability to fight trauma when it occurs.

  • Environmental toxicity; due to over 20,000 new chemicals per year for the last 30 years being introduced the chemical toxicity of the body has never been so challenged. Couple this with a 50% reduction in antioxidant and nutritious levels of food in the same time span it is no wonder we struggle to maintain good health.

  • Lack of detoxification; we do not take time for self-care when trauma happens, poor food choices do not allow for a proper detoxification process; overindulgence of sugar; poor knowledge of the detoxification process and how to properly nurse an injury holistically.

  • Injuries sites that create built-up toxicity; this toxic energy is reflexed through the bioenergetic pathways to other areas of the body to leave imprints of energetic damage.

What is a biofield?

The biofield is an energetic field that contains our multidimensional blueprint that is the being of our essence. It is a reflection of our state of being at any known moment. As injuries occur, body parts are removed, punctures and scars transpire our biofield is negatively impacted which transfers to our physical, structural and emotional body.

Is there research supporting mud-packing?

There are over 840 worldwide clinical research studies that are available on PubMed. This large amount of studies alone proves how effective the mud packs work. The mud packs work quickly, safely and effectively to eliminate years of accumulated bio-toxins that impair the energetic flow of the body. This impaired flow along with the accumulated toxins are known to impede the healing process.

“Mud-Packing is how we correct what western medicine cannot see.” - Chelsea Barlow, ND - "Founder of Mudwise"

What are the special ingredients that promote a powerful punch to health?

We use Premier Research Labs [PRL] Medi-Body Packs ® that have a Quantum Nutrition Effect [QNE]. The benefits of QNE is it is a “live-source” that is well grown and 100% free of toxic chemicals.

“When quantum quality phytonutrients are combined together synergistically, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits by a factor of 2 to 100-fold or more. In fact, they initiate the most rapid restoration of ideal cellular resonance or great health. This “Quantum Nutrition Effect” is a primary force to help you sustain or regain great health.” = PRL

Medi-Body Pack™

  • High cell resonance, unheated volcanic clay, and unheated kaolin clay, rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals and rare earths with high detoxification capacity — guaranteed toxin-free.

  • Shilajit, a natural mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in key detoxifying organic acids.

  • Peat magma, a carbon matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids, delivering critical nutrients to help the body heal itself.

Medi-Body Pack ® also deliver a full spectrum of synergistic botanical agents: South American Saussurea, European bilberry, Skullcap, French maritime pine bark, Indian cardamom, Fermented mycelial maitake extract, European beta-sitosterol, Wild blue-green algae, Grade A Japanese sunlit-grown chlorella (broken cell wall process), Grade 10 Indian noni, Indian turmeric and more.

Medi-Mineral Serum™

  • The perfect modulator with the Medi-Body Pack® - that balances yin and yang properties.

  • Medi-Mineral Serum™ features mineralized red algae and green tea blended with an ionic mineral concentrate from Utah's Great Salt Lake that is synergistically perfect with Medi-Body Pack ® for the creation of opening bioenergetic pathways.

All of these ingredients have been time proven over thousands of years by ancient healers and were used in many cultures. Medi-Body Pack® goes a step further, however, all these premier nutrients have been clinically tested to achieve the most rapid shift of tissue detoxification: the Quantum Nutrient Effect.

How do I identify that I need to receive treatment of mud-packing?

Your practitioner will work with you closely to identify all of the trauma and IF's that have been inflicted upon your body over the course of years. This will also include all dental trauma.

I - Scars

  • Any type of surgical scar

  • Scars from invasive procedures (such as those from the gallbladder, the heart, cancer)

  • Mole or skin cancer removal scars

  • Episiotomy scars, C-section scars, breast implants, tummy tucks, cosmetic surgery

  • Shunt scars

Internal scars

  • Scars that may not be visible such as; internal hysterectomy, internal sinus surgery

  • Exploratory surgery

  • Hernia repair

Traumatic Scars

  • Traumatic Brain injury

  • Concussions

  • Falls & Sprains

  • Cuts

  • Puncture Areas

  • Hypodermic injections, intravenous drug therapy, spinal blocks

  • Acne scars, chickenpox, animal bites

  • Vaccination scars

II - Abnormal Body Areas

  • Bruises or discolored skin that does not heal in a reasonable amount of time

  • Skin rashes, nail fungus or sores that do not heal in a reasonable amount of time

  • Areas that itch or have abnormal sensations: burning, cold, tingling

  • Whiplash

Benefits of Mud-Packing as an alternative health option:

  • Helping restore coherence throughout the body

  • Works to thoroughly eliminate chronic pain

  • Gently guide the body to balance organs, glands, and hormonal systems

  • Aligns energetic pathways between systems and auric biofield energy

  • Assist in the balance of reproductive issues

  • Fertility, pain, and menstrual cycle balance

  • Assist in the balance of the digestive, bowel and gut challenges

  • Help to restore soft tissue injuries

  • Recover dental issues

What is an Interference Field?

It is an injury that reflexes to a different area of the body that transports damaging negative energy through a network of bioenergetic pathways. This transference of energy can create unexplained fatigue, pain, physiological dysfunction and more throughout the body.

In 1925, European doctors proved there is a measurable voltage buildup in old and new scar areas that act as an electrical “short” within the body’s bio-energy field. Furthermore, this confirms that injuries can reflex that energy to other areas of the body creating a series of bio-energy interferences.

In addition, through the process of biopsy, these doctors discovered that the area close to a scar would often become highly toxic -deposits of accumulated material and metabolic toxins-which would act like a bioenergetic blockage. These areas were proven to be the culprit in the creation of unresolved symptoms.

How does a Practitioner identify Interference Fields?

We use Quantum Reflex Analysis [QRA] to identify IF's that are affecting your biofield. QRA uses the Omura Bi-digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) which is a university-proven method of testing that has medically accepted reflex points. This form of testing has dozens of studies that have been tested to be highly accurate and reliable.

We can identify and eliminate the [IF’s] that have blocked or deactivated the body’s own innate healing intelligence by using the system of the QRA.

QRA can:

  • identify unknown weakness or stress in the organs or glands

  • identify the underlying cause of health issues

  • take the guesswork out of prescribing herbs, nutrients and supplementation (your body’s own intelligence ”tells” us the exact nutrients it requires to heal)

  • test whether your medications and supplements are helpful or toxic to your system

  • determine the exact daily dosage your body requires for healing

  • identify emotional blockages that may be affecting our well- being

  • offer a comprehensive health-care approach

Q & A about Mud-Packing:

Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: No, but you may feel tingling and energy moving throughout your body.

Question: Is this a beauty treatment?

Answer: No

Question: Can we mud pack an animal?

Answer: Yes

Question: How much time does it take?

Answer: The initial consultation can take 2 hours or more to identify all injury, scar and puncture sites plus mud-pack the downloads [hands/feet].

Question: Is this a one-time treatment?

Answer: This depends on how the body responds with the downloads. Some have great outcomes with downloads while others need their [IF’s] done on an individual basis.


  • A quadriplegic woman felt new sensations as we mud packed her post auto accident.

  • A woman who was hit in the eye and back of the head with handlebars of her bike felt relief and had infected drainage leave her eye by the next day.

  • A woman who had sprained her ankle and using a walking boot to protect it against pain was able to put pressure on the foot the very next day.

  • A young girl had been hit on the head with a baseball bat while she was playing with the boys. It left a dent in her skull about the size of a quarter and a ½” deep. She had daily migraines immediately after the injury. By dinner, after we mud packed, the dent had risen by 2/3rds and the migraines stopped completely.

  • 25 years ago a woman slipped and fell on ice and it gave her a concussion. It had flattened her skull on the backside and left her head extremely sensitive. On Day 1, the downloads [hands/feet] were mud packed. Day 2, her [IF’s] were mud packed. Day 3, she came back with her story. On Day 2, she had been talking with her husband and he had asked how her mud packing was going. She reached up to where they had mud packed her head and she could actually touch her head without sensitivity; like recklessly and without consequence. THEN, she felt her skull which had completely reformed to its original shape!! 25 years of pain and hypersensitivity GONE. She let us all touch her head and confirm that muddy miracle!

  • A heart surgery patient was wise and mud packed as soon as his scars closed. Recovery was easier than expected.

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