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Face your Health and Transform It

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Meet Your

Energy & Wellness Practitioner

Meet Your

Energy & Wellness Practitioner


Rene Deal is a compassionate practitioner who is Authentic, Real, and Genuine. She honors God in all she does.


She IS a Christ-centered Quantum Energy Wellness Practitioner who loves helping clients move through and let go of emotional, mental & spiritual trauma that has long-lasting effects on their mental & physical health.


Doing the deep dive into our emotional well-being can be a difficult journey but the healing we receive on the other side aligns the Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit to live our highest & best life.


By imploring numerous techniques we enable your body to become the healer by creating opportunities for the conscious and subconscious to be heard through muscle response testing.


Utilizing muscle response testing facilitates the reconnection of the body's electrical system. This scientifically proven system can determine the root cause of many physical, emotional & spiritual challenges we encounter during this life. Many times root causes are buried deep and hidden by toxins, parasites, bacteria, and more.



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“An integrative approach means addressing not only our physical body, but our energetic body as well.”                           –  Andrew Weil, MD

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