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Energetic Nutritional Balancing

Healthy Salad

It is challenging to keep the body nutritionally supported while partaking in the Sad American Diet [SAD].  Examine the stressful lives we live, lack of exercise, emotional baggage that can trigger bad eating habits and it is a miracle the body can function at all. 

At Energetic Living, our mission is to find the best foods that will allow the body to thrive.  Digestion is the key to thriving and the correct food lifestyle for each individual is the key to digesting. We educate clients on their current food choice(s) versus possible changes that will work with their body mechanics.  

The Approach

We work both scientifically and energetically to achieve results for our clients.  Energetic Living has put in over 300 hours of study and practicality of using Target-Specific Enzymes to support and correct nutritional imbalances within the physical body.  As a Loomis practitioner that has completed 4 levels of training, we are schooled in the ability to find the weak link or source of stress with the body.


Using energy medicine techniques like The Emotion Code, Body Code, Integrated Life Process and Body Balance System we are confident to find underlying food, organ and enzyme imbalances that may be causing autointoxication within the body.  We empower the intelligence of the body to guide us in finding the weakest energy link that is challenging a stressed physical, energy and mental body. 

Tailored To You

Once we uncover your individual digestive and health challenges we work to balance "the gut" by following a holistic but also a very scientific approach that is tailored to you. It's important to understand the three different levels of stress that affect digestion: Mechanical, Nutritional, and Emotional.  Keeping all these different levels of Nutrition balanced is a series of complex biochemical reactions. Stress is an impossibility to avoid but managing the different forms can be accomplished with accountability. 


Lifestyle Management is not a priority for your doctor but they are for Energetic Living.  Medical doctors treat systemically while Energetic Living systematically uncovers:

   Digestive Challenges              Nutritional Challenges                   Structural Challenges                      Emotional Challenges​


Working with individual coaches, most will encourage you to adapt to one lifestyle plan in order to correct your health.  While this is advantageous in some respects, in others it can be hard on the body to adapt to the changes happening within your unique body.  Affirming that the body is breaking down and utilizing the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients is of utmost importance to the overall well- being of the body. 

Using a unique approach to energetically checking foods that are perfect for you is an approach that your body will thrive on.  Using muscle response testing, we check more than 45 categories of food to determine if they are energetically right for your unique body. In doing this, we give the body the nutrition it craves. 


If changing your life and your choices is important to you it's important to us.  Make YOU a priority - WE WILL.

Lifestyle Management

"The foods we eat impact our wellbeing, not just on a cellular level, but on a whole life level --how we feel, how much energy we have how strong we are how capable we can be."  - Dr. Axe

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